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What is the Best Way to Rehome a Great Pyrenees?

The best way to rehome a Great Pyrenees is by putting in the time and effort to find the perfect home yourself. While you could bring your dog to a shelter or a rescue, you won't have any control over who adopts your dog in those cases. You can't even be sure that he'll get adopted. While shelters and rescues do their best, they aren't always successful in finding new owners.

You can rehome your Great Pyrenees on your own. It might take some more time, but it ensures that you find a wonderful new home for your dog, and it's well worth the effort. There are some good options to consider.

Who Do You Know?

If you know someone who is looking to adopt, and you feel that they'll be a good fit for your Great Pyrenees, you might want to rehome with them. If they have space, the means, and the ability to care for your dog, giving him to someone you know can provide some peace of mind.

Using Rehome

You may also want to learn more about a platform from Adopt-a-Pet.com called Rehome. This platform lets you create a profile and bio for your dog, which can include videos and images. The bio can let would-be adopters know everything they need to know about your Great Pyrenees to see if they might be a good fit. You must be thorough and honest in the bio to ensure the right adopters are submitting adoption applications.

This system is safe and easy to use. Once people start to submit adoption applications, you can then choose which you like the best for your dog. Rehome can even help you understand what to look for in potential adopters.

Don't Give Your Dog to Just Anyone

When you have to give up your Great Pyrenees, you need to be picky with who becomes the new owner. You can't just give your dog away to the first people who say that they want him. Many people simply can't handle a dog or don't have enough space for a Great Pyrenees. Others might not have the financial means to provide him with a good home.

Even scarier is the fact that some people are looking for free dogs for nefarious purposes. They are looking for animals that they can sell to labs or that could be used for fighting and training fighting dogs. Although you might not think this is a big risk, it can and does happen. It's always better to be safe rather than worrying about what happened to your dog.

Therefore, you need to put in the time to vet people before they can adopt your dog. Additionally, consider using rehoming fees. These fees will be paid by the person who adopts your dog. The fees reduce the risk because people who have ill intent do not want to pay for animals. You'll find that when you use sites like Rehome, there will be a rehoming fee charged to the adopter, so you won't have to worry about what might happen to your great pyrenees. Also, Rehome is free for owners to use.

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