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Why Do Dogs Jump Up?

Dogs jump up because it's a natural instinct and a form of greeting when they are excited to see you or another person. While the behavior isn't a reflection of the dog being bad, it is still something you'll want to be able to control—especially if the dog is bigger. Even if you appreciate this form of greeting, others may not, and it could even lead to injury if the dog jumps on a child or an elderly person.

How To Teach Your Dog Not To Jump 

Since jumping is an instinct rather than a misbehavior, punishing your dog isn't necessarily the right approach. Instead, you just want to teach your dog that jumping isn't the best way to get the attention he wants. 

Over time, he'll figure out that jumping up is a good way to be ignored and that sitting quietly is a great way to get treats and attention. 

In order for this to be effective, make sure that everyone in your household is treating your dog the same way. Once your dog behaves properly for the family, have people he doesn't know come over to be sure the training is translating to visitors as well as people he knows.

When teaching any type of behavior to your dog, it's helpful to have the basic commands, such as sit and stay, mastered. If you're having trouble teaching these behaviors on your own, consider investing in some classes with a reputable trainer in your area. 

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