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Why Is My Dog Barking At The Wall?

Your dog may be barking at the wall because he hears animals or pests scurrying about or because he is experiencing cognitive dysfunction. The latter is more likely to occur when the dog is older. If he only focuses on one area of the wall, pests are more likely the cause while those with a medical problem typically stare and growl at various places on the wall.

So It's Not Ghosts? 

The internet is fun. It's given us dancing babies, social media, and information about how to tell if your dog barking at the wall is due to paranormal activity he's sensing. The truth is that it's much more likely that he hears mice or other animals or that he has a medical condition. Here's what you need to do if you dog is barking at the wall:

Set Up An Appointment With The Vet

Anytime your pet exhibits strange behavior, it's a good idea to schedule an appointment just to rule out any medical concerns.

Call The Pest Control Company

If your pet is barking because some uninvited guests have taken up residence in your walls, the behavior will cease soon after they are removed. Call a humane pest control company that will safely relocate your visitors.

Another possible reason your dog may bark at the wall, especially if he's never done it before, is because he senses an outside threat. Whatever the cause, it's important not to ignore unusual behavior in your pet. Whether he's trying to warn you, detects pests, or is suffering from a medical condition, it's vital to address the underlying cause of barking at the wall. 

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