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Cat Rehoming in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Rehoming your cat in Idaho Falls, Idaho can be a safe and easy experience with the help of Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com.

Rehoming Your Cat

Rehome is the safe, reliable, and free way to find your cat a great new home. Our process is straightforward and, by completing a few short steps, your cat will be seen by the millions of pet adopters who search Adopt-a-Pet.com for their new best friend.

Think you might want to keep your cat, but need some help? Check out our resource guide for tips, tricks, and info. If you’re certain you want to find a new home for your cat, let’s get started.

Find My Cat a New Home

How Rehoming Your Cat Works

Step 1

1. Create a Pet Profile

Onboard your pet on Rehome in about 10 minutes. Once complete, Rehome will post your cat on Adopt-a-Pet.com to be seen by millions of visitors each month.

Step 2

2. Review Applications

Soon you will receive applications from interested adopters. Our dedicated team will give you all the help you need to select the best potential adopters and rehome your cat.

Step 3

3. Meet Adopters

We’ll guide you through the process of setting safe and pressure-free meetings with potential adopters.

Step 4

4. Finalize Adoption

We’ll provide you with an adoption contract to protect the transfer of your cat’s ownership. Once complete your pet will have a new loving forever home.

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Cat Rehoming Success Stories

Photo of Rocky And Milky
Rocky And Milky
Male, Kitten,  Bonded Pair
Rigby, ID
Photo of Lizzie
Female, Young
Rexburg, ID
Photo of Lucy
Female, Adult
Rexburg, ID
Photo of Mouse
Female, Kitten
Idaho Falls, ID
Photo of Christafur
Male, Young
Idaho Falls, ID
Photo of Oreo
Male, Kitten
Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho Falls, Idaho Cat Shelters and Rescues

Using Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com not only helps you to find a great new home for your cat, it also helps animal shelters and rescues in Idaho Falls, Idaho to raise funds to save more pets. Rehome is free to you, and your cat’s new adopter will pay a small adoption fee which will then be donated in full to a local animal shelter or rescue, like the ones below.

Humane Society of the Upper Valley
P.O. Box 51021
Idaho Falls,
Pet Types: Dogs, Cats
Motley Crew Cat Lounge
Idaho Falls,
Pet Types: Cats
Idaho Falls Animal Shelter
2450 Hemmert Avenue
Idaho Falls,
Pet Types: Dogs, Cats
Four Paws Pet Adoptions Inc
119 South 4th West
Pet Types: Dogs, Cats
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