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Does Bentley’s Pet Stuff Take Cats?

Bentley's Pet Stuff does not take cats, but they do a lot to help homeless pets. In addition to sponsoring mobile adoption events, they also provide matching donations to various animal rescue groups. Owners wishing to surrender their cats, however, cannot do so at Bentley's Pet Stuff.

Is Rehoming Really The Right Decision?

Many pet owners are heartbroken about having to give their cat away, but they feel they have no choice due to litter box or behavior issues. Others have cat allergies or are moving and having trouble finding a landlord who will take pets

Those issues can often be overcome with the right help. Talk to your local shelter to see if they have lists of pet-friendly housing. Ask a vet or animal behaviorist for advice about behavior issues. The bottom line is that if you want to keep your pet, there is a more often than not a way to do it.

Surrendering Your Cat

If you decide that you have no choice but to rehome your pet, you'll have a few choices—and some are better than others.

A common first stop for those wishing to surrender a pet is the local animal shelter. While many shelters are moving towards or have achieved no-kill status, others still have a high euthanasia rate. Be sure to know where your local shelter stands before surrendering your pet.

Another option is to find a reputable, no-kill, private rescue. These groups are often willing to do whatever it takes to find the right home for the cats in their care. There may be a significant wait because they can only have so many pets in their care at a time, but it's a great option if you're willing to wait for a spot. 

DIY Rehoming

If you want to be sure your cat goes to a loving home, do it yourself. Yes, it might take some time, but it will be well worth it knowing your cat is safe and loved. Not sure where to begin? Rehome is a website that is a great resource for any pet owner trying to rehome their cat.

Create a pet profile that can be seen by potential adopters, get expert advice about screening for the right home, accept applications, and so much more! 

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