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How Can I Calm My Dog’s Anxiety Naturally?

You can calm your dog's anxiety naturally by ensuring your dog gets plenty of exercise, extra playtime, and massages. How well the natural remedies work will depend on the severity of the anxiety and will vary by dog.

Natural Anxiety Remedies

Whether your dog suffers from separation anxiety or behavioral anxiety, finding a solution that calms your pet is a must. No good pet owner wants to see their dog suffer, but reluctance to start your dog on prescription anxiety medication is understandable. If you prefer a natural way to calm your dog's anxiety, here are a few things to try:

  • Exercise: Make sure your pet is getting plenty of exercise. Take him on at least two 30-minute walks each day. If he's an active pup, make sure he has the opportunity to run off some energy every day as well.
  • Keep His Mind Busy: Dogs get bored, and that can contribute to anxiety. Keep him occupied by committing to teach him a new trick each week. This not only provides mental stimulation, but it's also a chance to spend more quality time together.
  • Play Calming Music: Music can be as calming to dogs as it is to humans. Try playing some classical music when you're away.
  • Calming Products: Calming collars, shirts, and diffusers provide relief for many pets. These products can be found at most pet supply stores. 

Other options, such as oils and massages are also natural alternatives to medicine. If none of these methods work for your pet, talk to an animal behaviorist who may have additional solutions to try before medication becomes necessary. 

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